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Student loans

Need a student loan ? Want to know wher and how to apply for student loan in nz ? Are you a full time student and need extra cash? Want the best package to suit your needs? Loan interest has some of the best student loan lenders who can offer some of the best student loans in nz.

Student loan Interest rates

At loan interest we have some of the best student loan providers who offer some of the best loan rates in New Zealand. These lenders offer the best interest rates for students and are tailored to meet the requirements for students.

Student Loans


Student Finance Companies

National Bank Student Loan

Tertiary Plus is designed specifically for students studying full or part-time at a recognised New Zealand tertiary institution, with a minimum duration of at least one year. 

With the Tertiary Plus Package you can get:

  • An everyday account with no monthly account transaction or automatic payment fees
  • National Bank eSaver. The perfect savings account to help you save for a special goal like a car or a holiday
  • A Visa Debit or Cashpoint card - giving you easy access to your money
  • A variety of ways to manage your money including Online Banking, Touchtone Phone Banking, and Mobile Phone Banking.

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ANZ Bank Student Loan

ANZ offers a special student package loan to all customers who are studying on a full or part time basis at a tertiary institution.

As a student, you may be able to borrow up to $6,000 with the flexibility to repay for up to five years, this will be great for extra text books and emergency needs.  

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Student Loan NZ 

In order to qualify for student loan you must be 18 years of age and over. Students also need to be permanent residents of New Zealand.

You must be studying full or part-time for a minimum duration of one year at a government recognized tertiary institution and in a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved course.