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Private Student Loans

Looking for Private Student Loans ? Want to know where and how to get private student loans in New Zealand ? Through research and student feedback loan interest has sourced out some of the best private student loan lenders in nz. 

At loan interest we understand that being a student is very tough and can put a lot of financial pressure. We know that students need money for books, living cost and other expenses and usually normal student loans can cover these there are times when you students need extra cash for unexpected expenses. A private student loan is the solution and there are many banks and financial companies that offer private student loans in New Zealand.

Loan interest has sourced out some of the best private student loan lenders in nz.

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Where to Get Private Student Loans in nz ?

ANZ Student Loans

ANZ is one of the best source of private student loan in New Zealand, They offer lower than standard personal loan rates and allows you to borrow up to $6000. Private student loans can you help you get the resources you need for your studies.

With ANZ you can structure your loan to suit your needs and they offer repayments ranging from one year to five years. 

To apply a Private Student loan with ANZ  Students can

Call 0800 837 123

Visit : ANZ branch

Apply Online at

KIwibank Student Loans

One o fthe best sources of private student loans is Kiwibank, they offer interest free overdraft of $1000 for the first year and $2000 for the second year and subsequent years. Kiwibank also offers low interest rate credit card for students and many other good stuff for students.

For more information

Call : 0800 11 33 55

Visit : kiwibank branches near you

Apply online at :