Payday Advance nz

Payday Advance nz


Payday Advance

Payday Loans or payday advance are convenient way to borrow money for unexpected bills or when you need cash in a hurry. You can borrow money to keep you afloat until the next pay. We have all come across weeks or months where the pay does not cover some unexpected bills like medical bills, car repair or high grocery bills.

One of the best and the simplest way to overcome this problem is to get a Payday Advances.



Payday Advance Finance Companies 

Payday Advance Finance Companies 

There are many payday loan lenders in nz and most of them offer pay day loan applications online. You can apply of payday loans online by simply filling out forms with your details. Once the lenders have your details they will process it and usually do some checks. Once they approve your payday loan application, they will transfer the money in your account within few hours. 

Lender : Payday Advance

Payday Loans up to $750 and higher for returning customers. Instant Cash Loan Approval. Also offers Bad Credit loans. No Credit Checks. No Security. Confidential application. You can qualify instantly for a Cash Payday Loan until your next payday.

Service : simple and affordable  payday loans starting as low as just $12 per $100, per 7 days.

Time Frame : 60 Minutes

Contact :

Bad Credit loans are also offered at payday Also they do not charge you for direct debits or require a credit check. Payday Advance also offers payday loan with no credit check payday advance loans.

Lender : Save my bacon

SaveMyBacon is an online lender dedicated to providing you with the best in short term same day financial solutions. SaveMyBacon is different from traditional money lenders because their sophisticated risk and decision making tools and their online capacity ensure that our application and approval process is simple, straightforward and super fast.

Service : Short term cash advances up to $500 for full time employees

Time frame : 60mins 

Contact :  ( 0800 27 28 36 )


Ferratum, is a leading lender of cash loans and payday loans in NZ.  They provide loans to the customers who are in temporary need of money thus providing financial assistance to the consumers during financial hardship. When applying for a loan you can apply via Ferratum’s payday loans online service or you can use the text message service provided (existing customers only) which is easier and takes less time.

For more information you can contact the Ferratum New Zealand Limited on:

Phone: (09) 915 0766

Fax:  (09) 915 0768