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Loan interest has independent information on where and how to get the best home loans in New Zealand.Taking out a loan to buy your home is a very big deal and should not be taken lightly.

It is a life changing decision and will affect you for the rest of your life.  One simple mistake can cause you to lose thousands or even your lifesaving's so make sure you do your research well.  Take advice from your family members, your lawyer or a mortgage broker before signing any mortgage agreement.

Where to get home loans in nz ?

One of the most important factors to consider when getting a mortgage is where to get the loan from. There are quite a few Finance companies and banks that offer home loans in nz and to get the best one is very tough. When choosing the Banks or Finance Companies you have to consider their Interest rates, Fees, Reliability and few other things.

At loans interest we have gone through the process of finding out some of the best home loan lenders in nz who has low interest home loans and also have low fees. Loan interest has sourced out Finance Companies and Banks that offer competitive home loans in New Zealand.

National Bank Home Loans

No matter what kind of home loans your looking for Nation Bank has it covered, They offer home loans for buying a home, investment property, renovating, building a new home and much more.

Nation Bank offers very competitive home loan rates and their fees are very low. They also structure home loans to suit your needs and are very flexible in getting loans tailored to your needs.

Nation bank also offers online help in all aspects of mortgages and also offers home loan calculators.

For more information and to check out latest National bank home loans



ANZ Home Loans

ANZ offers a wide range of home loan options to match your lifestyle, No matter if your buying a home, building a new home, investing in property or just renovation, ANZ has home loans to suit your every needs.

ANZ offers great online guides and tips on getting the home loan to suit your individual needs and also offers mobile mortgage managers that can come to you to sort out home loans for you.

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Kiwibank Home Loans 

Kiwibank is one of the best banks to get home loans from as they have very competitive home loan rates and offers ways of getting you mortgage free quicker. They offer home loans and repayment to suit your individual needs. 

Kiwibank, will  tailor your home loans to suit your needs. They offer home loans for a number of purposes like buying a new home, refinancing, investing in residential property, building a house, consolidating debts, renovations, bridging loans and much more.

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Finance Direct  Property Finance

Finance Direct offers home loans for new home purchase, building home, investing in property and musch more. Finance direct has been providing mortgages to kiwis for a long time and has a team of experts that can help you get the best home loans to suit your individual needs.

Finance direct offers very competitive rates and have low home loan fees.

For more information and advice on getting the best home loan check out

Sovereign Home Loans

Sovereign offers Go Home Loans which is unlike a standard mortgage. With Sovereign home loans offers home loans with everyday transactions accounts as one. This type of home loan can save you thousands in interest.

Sovereign offers home loans at very commpetive rates and they offer very low fees.For more information on Home loans from Sovereign you can check out their website.



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