Who can help with credit card debt?

Consulting your financial adviser is very important when you are thinking of applying for credit card. You can both reason together on your financial needs.

When you get the card make sure you keep every receipts and compare them with your monthly bill, there may be discrepancies which can drown you in debt if you don’t discover it. Once you discover any, report to your credit card company immediately.Giving your credit card to friends and family is one of the ways to incure more debt. So keep your credit card away from friends, families and strangers. 

Make sure you don’t owe more than you can repay at the end of the month as it can damage your credit and hurt your chances of getting credit in future. See credit card as loan you have to pay back. You can avoid this by paying your bill on time, if possible, pay it every month.One of the mistake most card holders makes is paying of one credit card with another. It’s a complete bad habit. It will surely lead you to more debt, and you may find it difficult to get out of it.