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Credit Repair

Do you have bad credit? want to repair your credit ? There  are companies that can repair your credit ratings for you.
Most of them have links to credit rating companies and with your permissions can improve your credit rating. loan interest has some of the best credit repair companies in New Zealand that offer credit repair service.

Credit Rating

Want to know your credit rating ? Have you had a loan or credit application refused? and not sure why? then you need to check your credit rating file. You can request a copy of your credit file today to find out why and to ensure you have no unwanted surprises when you next apply for credit.



Credit Repair Companies in New Zealand

Credit Repair Company : Mycra - New Zealand 

One of the best companies that can help you fix your credit rating. Mycra is well know company in nz and have been helping out kiwis in fixing credit and defaults.

Service : Fix bad credit and defaults in New Zealand.

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Credit Repair Company :  We Fix Credit

Service :They Fix Your Credit File and they Guarantee Quality Service.

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Check your Credit Ratings 

Company : Veda Advantage

Service : Keeps Company Credit Report and Personal credit rating file. provides access to all personal and company credit ratings

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