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Credit Ratings NZ


Credit Ratings in New Zealand

Every time you take out a loan or credit and payback it get recorded in your credit ratings report. This report gets counted towards your credit rating. There are only few credit reference agencies in nz who has most of your credit reports. Any debts you currently have are included in your credit ratings and all the debt history you had for the past years will be in your credit report.

Defaulting on any debts will affect your credit rating and will affect you when you try and get loans or credit in future. so make sure you have paid all your debts in full and on time as even few dollars overdue can affect your credit rating.

Loan interest has sourced out places where you can check your credit ratings and your credit history. so check out your credit today



Credit Rating NZ

How to Check My Credit ratings ?

There very few places where you can check your credit rating in New Zealand. These companies keep records of your credit and pass it on to anyone who need them. At loan interest we have sourced out companies where you can check your credit history. In New Zealand you are entitled to request a copy of the credit information held about you by a credit reporting agency.

Veda Advantage

The main agency in New Zealand is Veda Advantage (formerly Baycorp). Veda Advantage claim to hold files on 97.5 % of Kiwi's who actively use credit.

You can get your credit rating from Veda Advantage.

For more information and your credit score you can visit  Veda Advantage's

website at

What is Credit Report ?

Your credit report includes any payment defaults recorded against your name. A default payment is where a payment has been overdue for more than 30 days and the lender has taken steps to recover the outstanding amount. A default payment can stay on your credit record for five years, even after you have paid the amount in full.

What is Credit Rating ?

Have you have ever failed to pay off your debts in full and missed a debt repayment the you might have a bad credit history. The bad credit history will affect your ability to borrow in future. Credit rating is like a score and takes into account everything related to your credit history.

Loan Lenders usually check your credit rating when you are applying for

Some employers will check your credit rating when you apply for a job. A prospective landlord might also check your credit history.