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Car finance is really helpful and handy when you plan to buy a car for personal or business needs. Even people with bad credit can also apply for car finance as some finance companies offer bad credit car loans. Car finance bad credit finance gives the consumer a chance to improve on his/her credit history. There are many benefits of buying things on credit.

You do not have wait and to save for so many days and months if you want to buy something expensive. All you have to do is apply for car finance NZ, in this way if you are a salary or wage earner you can easily buy an expensive item and pay easily with weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments.

Car Finance Companies in nz


When planning to buy a car In NZ with the help of car finance, MTF Vehicle Finance is the best. They provide loans for any kind of wheels you need such as car, motorbike, van, Ute or caravan.

A personal car loan with MTF makes buying a vehicle easy and affordable. Adequate security is needed for the loan from MTF. They offer flexible repayments options that suit your income with weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments and based on your personal profile MTF provides the best interest rate.

You can talk to your local MTF dealer about the finance options or you can always contact them on:

Phone: 03 477 0530





NZ car loan finance provides debt consolidation, personal loans and car and marine finance. They provide quick, easy, flexible terms and low interest loans.

You can apply in the comfort of your home or work with the online services provided. If you cannot provide a security for the loan than you can provide a personal guarantor as a form of reference for the borrower which leads to a guaranteed approval of the car finance.

You can always contact the friendly, helpful team of NZ loan for further information or queries.

Phone:  0800 88 66 11

Fax:  03 371 7351



Lender : Finance Direct

Finance Direct offer finance for vehicle purchases whether you are buying privately or through a tender, car dealer or car auction they can take away the hassle and pre approve your loan before you go shopping.

Finance direct can also assist if you are purchasing through a motor vehicle dealer in most cases they can offer cheaper interest rates and give you the power of being a cash buyer.

Car Finance rates : From 12.95%

Service : Car Loans, Vehicle Finance

Contact :  ( 0800 399 666 )