Car Loan Rates

Looking for a car loan in New Zealand? Need the best car finance rates ? We have you covered, through research we have found the latest rates from leading banks and finance companies. Compare the car loan rates and find the best car loan lender to suit your needs.

Car loans from Banks:

Looking at the car loan rates you will notice that banks offer best car interest rates and in long run getting a loan from the bank will save you money. In saying that the banks have much stricter policies in place to lend to public for buying cars. Give the banks a try and if you get rejected then try out the vehicle finance companies.

 Car loans from finance companies :

At loan interest we have sourced out some of the best car loan rates in New Zealand from the leading car Finance companies. Car loan rates differ from one lender to another and to get the best deal its best to compare car loan interest rates.

If you taking out a car fiance then a small percentage difference in the rates can equate to quite a lot of money over a period of time. Always compare the rates and see and who can offer you the best deals.


Car Loan Rates