Bad Credit Home Loans

Looking to buy your dream home and having problems getting a home loan because of bad credit? One of the many reasons may be that they have a credit blemish logged against them with a collection agency. Many people in New Zealand have the same problem and there is a solution for it Bad Credit Mortgage.

Where to get bad credit home loans ?

There are few lenders that are willing to lend to people who have a bad credit history. Mostly the lenders will have a higher interest rate and there will be more charges with the loan.
The bad credit home loans will be a risk to lenders so there are not many lenders that are willing to lend and those who are willing will try and take advantage of the situation. So make sure you do your research and get few quotes before you get a Bad credit mortgage


Easy Loans Bad Credit Home Loans

Service : Whether you need money to renovate your house or rental, or are awaiting settlement on a property you have sold and need bridging finance and have bad credit, Easy Loans NZ can help you get a second home loan to cover the cost.

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Money Point Mortgages

Service : if you want mortgage and have bad credit history then money point mortgages can help. Whether you have bad credit or have experienced credit problems or mortgage arrears in the past money point mortgages can help you get a mortgage. 

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